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Our Integrated NIBRS and SRS Repository makes UCR Reporting simple and complete. The intuitive interface gives local law enforcement and state program managers the ability to efficiently report crime data to the FBI.


Administrative Center

System Journals












Data Center

File Imports

Incident Entry

Arrest Entry

FBI Extracts

Supports SRS and NIBRS









Search, Reports and Analysis

Ad-Hoc Search and Query

Admin Reports

NIBRS Reports

State-Specific Reports

YTD Comparisons

Crime Trends

Index Crimes

Summary Reports

Crime Distribution

Crime Density Maps

Drill-Down Reports



Agency Details




User Sessions

Agency Roles








Superior Analytics

  • User-friendly reports and analytics speed access to data
  • Intelligent reporting allows administrators to easily present data at any time from any device
  • Ad-hoc search allows data to be examined for any combination of fields captured
  • Ad-hoc search queries can be saved for reuse at a later time
  • Easily publish reports and data to the Public Portal for transparency and to reduce Freedom of Information (FOIA) Act requests

Flexible and Affordable Platform

  • Modern technology platform makes it simple to implement state IBR (Incident-Based Reporting) enhancements
  • Choice of cloud-based or hosted implementation
  • Highly configurable design makes it easy for the administrator to customize fields and validation messages
  • Fast and responsive user interface combined with intuitive design provides an excellent user experience
  • Configurable roles and security allow the user to organize based on state and agency specific needs

Easily Manage Data Submissions

  • Supports multiple data submission methods to cater to different agency requirements
  • Solution automatically identifies whether upload file is a flat file or XML
  • Submission status notifications automatically sent to the user
  • Intuitive direct data entry module for use by smaller agencies
  • Comprehensive system journals provide in-depth tracking of all system functions

Key Benefits

Intuitive interface

Makes managing crime data simple

Configurable security and roles

Lets you grant different levels of access for state and agency specific roles

Intelligent design

Supports FBI NIBRS validations and state level add-ons

Flexible platform

Lets you customize SWIFTREPOSITORY to fit the needs of your agency and each individual user without the expense of a custom implementation

Configurable validation messages

Supports the ability for state administrators to customize and simplify FBI error messages

Affordable implementation models

Includes hosting and on site deployment to provide options that best suit your needs and budget

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