Generating Connections to Deliver Justice
SWIFTCONNECT links extensive digital resources with powerful and intuitive search capabilities that make it fast and easy to locate persons of interest, uncover investigative leads, and collaborate with other agencies. With only one login, users can retrieve information from any database. And all findings are presented in the same uniform look and navigation, keeping the focus on results, not on the mechanics of searching. With our mobile-ready solution, users can connect the dots anytime, anywhere. SWIFTCONNECT is CJIS compliant.

Search Engine Features



VIN Decoder

Photo Lineup Wizard

Search Subscription

Manager Application





Regional Search

Refined Search

Simple Search

RAP-DA Recursive Automated Search

Flexible Search Types

Flexible Search Parameters

Stored Values and Criteria

Search Result

Scored Search Results

Instant Results


Results Quick View

Standardized Result Display

Hyperlinked Results



Power Search

  • Centralized and intuitive access to unlimited criminal justice and government databases
  • Search results are scored; most relevant results are highlighted
  • Auditing features track every search and search result
  • Forgiving and intelligent search interface uncovers all relevant results, regardless of unclear or misspelled entries
  • Search subscription notifies user when someone else is looking for like information, aiding collaboration
  • Sophisticated architecture works with any type of data, including facial recognition
  • Extensive security controls, including encryption, keep sensitive data safe

Leading-edge utilities

  • Photo Lineup Wizard searches for people with similar physical characteristics. Users can select images and customize display to meet state requirements. Randomizing order makes process more legally sound and complies with IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) model standard
  • Search Subscription notifies user when someone else is looking for an individual or vehicle with the same identifiers
  • Manager Application allows for configuration and system monitoring and generation of reports. Authorized users can set security roles and post news, alerts, training videos and other information for all users to see

Key Benefits

Centralized data

Accesses multiple criminal justice and government databases in one location, casting the widest net possible to capture investigative searches and leads.

Sophisticated auditing

Tracks every search and search result.

Intelligent search interface

Uncovers all relevant results, regardless of unclear or misspelled entries.


Notifies a user when someone else is looking for the same person or event, aiding collaboration among law enforcement.

Uniform results

Presents with the same look and navigation, keeps the focus on the results rather than understanding the layout of multiple databases.

Mobile ready

Keeps information and connections available at everyone's fingertips from any device.

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